Ethereum Smart Contract: An Asset Of Online Gaming

There have been some reports coming up that people are losing trust from online casinos. This is mainly because players are developing fear in them that they can be scammed. It’s true, in general online casinos, players are not sure whether or not their odds are safe. Everyone one is curious to know whether they are losing the game because of a bad day or if casino has decided to give a low card purposely as they saw a big bet coming their way. To deal with this issue, playing in a decentralized Ethereum smart contract-based casino is a smart choice. It offers 0 percent house edge and ensures complete transparency when it comes to online gambling. This means, players can have access to all the occurrence inside the casino. This is especially a good option for those paranoid people who can now be cent percent sure of no one is scamming them.

A shower of fairness

Whatever be the type of online game, in terms of fairness the randomness of numbers and outcomes is the most important aspect. In other words when you consider rolling the dice you don’t know whether the outcome is programmed or random. The mechanism of cheating is pretty easy and that is the reason some of the general online casino enjoy scamming people. However, in the case ethereum casino, it creates a random number through a combination of their own number and the client’s. These two number get blend and provides a random outcome. The idea behind this is, casinos can easily rigg their own number but, it’s impossible to do the same in the respect of client. Therefore, Ethereum based casinos can’t cheat players.

On the contrary, non-accredited casino can have the chance of rigging by applying these three methods:

  • They can influence client’s number that are being assigned on their own. This is because, an average player will certainly not type or use random numbers before the start of every gamble round even if they have the option.
  • Client has chosen a number and decided not to change it. In this case, casino can identify the number and use the information to adjust their own number so that every time you lose.
  • Casino can delay the number provided from his side to the bender after the player has sent his/her. Therefore, the small time period is enough to adjust the own number based on the clients.

Why to choose smart contract-based casinos?

The above-mentioned probability of cheating is not possible in casinos that are based on smart contract. Even if they try to cheat somehow, the tricks will be immediately spotted. Furthermore, it may sound skeptic when it comes to 0 percent house edge. But in the real world, even if a player is having an imperfect day, through null house edge he/she is actually giving 0.83 percent to the casino. Therefore, the players and the casinos both are happy with online gaming. Ethereum casino is based on smart contract and thus, you can definitely give a chance to try your luck.

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