Gift Ideas for a Children’s Birthday

When it comes to your own children, you have a wealth of knowledge to draw from when choosing their birthday gifts. However, when your youngster is invited to one of their toddler friends’ birthday parties then you have absolutely no idea on what to bring as a gift!

That is, until now! Below are some great general gift ideas that all children are guaranteed to love receiving as a gift!


The first has to be Lego. You remember playing with it, your parents played with it, and likely their parents before them. Lego is very much still around and still one of the most popular presents that all children love to receive. Check out the Groupon Coupons page for Lego to grab some great deals!

Arts and Crafts!

Have you noticed that your young one loves to paint and draw all over your walls and furniture? Well, there’s a good chance that their friends also enjoy the destructive activity. To spare their parents their sanity and to get a great gift, pick up an easel and some paints from your local art and craft store. Easels aren’t expensive and often come with sheets of paper already inserted.

Pool Toys!

With summer upon us, many kids are having their parties either in their own backyard pool or at the local pool. Not only are these great places to host a kids birthday party, but it also opens up a great gift idea. Pool Toys! Whether it’s a few pool noodles or a cartoon inflatable toy they can sit on while they float on the water, pool toys are a sure winner!

Sports Equipment

You would be surprised by how much fun a group of kids can have with a simple football. Even if neither of them likes the sport. Head to your local sports store and look for a bright and colorful sports accessories, like a ball, a bat and ball set, or even a small cricket set. Whatever you choose, if there is any grass where the party is being held, you can rest assured that your present will get immediate usage.

A tip on pool toys and sports equipment – see if you can combine the two. For example, an inflatable tennis set, water polo gear, or even ride on inflatable toys that can be used to race each other can be a fun way for kids to play sports in the water.

Movie Tickets

Kids love going to the movies, but it’s the parents who have to foot the bill. Head to your local cinema and pick up a small booklet or a card loaded with kids movie tickets on it. This way, the recipient can visit the movies anytime they like without their parents having to pay for a ticket.

With these five tips, you are sure to find something that your children’s friend will love! If you are still in doubt, don’t hesitate to speak with the child’s parents to get some idea on what might make for a good present.

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