How to Buy a Rattan Garden Furniture

Rattan comprises approximately 600 different species of reed palms native to tropical regions of the world, so there is naturally something very exotic about the way that it looks. Rattans are visually quite similar to bamboo, but its stems are solid and require some structural support as they are quite vine-like in the way that they grow. Their vine-like qualities enable rattan to be shaped into all sorts of wonderful styles, making them a favourite for furniture making. The skin of the rattan can be peeled off from the core to be used as rattan weaving material, and you can usually see this decoratively on some rattan furniture as it appears as though “ribbons” of rattan are tying pieces of the furniture together.

Rattans have been known to grow to astounding lengths up to hundreds of metres long in the wild, and 70% of the world’s rattan population actually exists in Indonesia due to the tropical environment. Rattan is incredibly lightweight, and surprisingly more durable than bamboo. Like most woods, rattan accepts paints quite well, and so is popularly stained to different colours to suit the colour theme or decor of the garden in which its situated. Though the natural rattan tones are still a favourite for the garden, more contemporary gardens may feature black rattan furniture, white rattan furniture or more brightly coloured colours to accent their garden.

Garden design and decoration is a very interesting and complex process. Much like the interior of the home, taking time to carefully plan and arrange one’s garden furniture is essential. By considering each piece from parasols to garden tables, the overall look of a garden is enhanced, but so too is the function. One popular choice that buyers make is to add rattan garden armchairs to their outdoor design. These versatile pieces provide several benefits to users and can really add class to a garden.

Before purchasing a rattan garden armchair it is important to understand what rattan really is both in its natural form as well as when made into furniture. There are also several notable benefits of rattan garden furniture in general.

From there, buyers need to take the time to consider their specific needs. This means measuring garden space, considering function, and budget. This is a quick process, but essential for success when moving on to purchase. Finally, the concluding section of this guide will cover the actual purchase of rattan garden armchairs including how to complete this process via eBay.

All About Rattan

Before describing the method that buyers should use to locate and purchase a rattan garden armchair, it is important to define the basics. This means understanding what rattan actually is and the benefits of choosing it as the materials for one’s garden furniture.

Rattan: A Definition

The word rattan refers to 600 different species of palm trees and plants which are native to the African tropics. Historically, long and thin pieces of rattan were woven together in the construction of furniture and rattan baskets. This is because the wood itself was both mouldable and easily stained into various colours. What’s more, the inner core of rattan pieces is one of the many substances used to make wicker.

This is a question that often stumps people when it comes to making their furniture purchase. As confusing as it can be to differentiate between the two, when it comes to rattan furniture, there is natural rattan or synthetic rattan. To help clear up some of the confusion, below we will take a look at the difference and compare both their strengths and weaknesses.


Opting for natural rattan means you are getting a solid and durable material so whether it’s built for indoor or outdoor, you’re always getting a high quality, strong piece. When it comes to synthetic rattan, once again it is extremely durable but the difference you need to be aware of is its ability to handle the weather. When it comes to outdoor furniture at Desser, we’re proud to offer a variety of all-weather collections. That being said, if you’ve bought from elsewhere it is useful to know that synthetic rattan is typically designed to handle testing outdoor conditions, whereas, with the natural suites you may find its struggles to keep its aesthetic beauty or durability.


The argument for real vs fake can be made here. Whilst synthetic designs unquestionably look great, natural rattan undoubtedly has a natural charm about it. Both versions today are on offer in a wide variety of styles, shapes, designs and colours, and give your garden or conservatory an elegant and showroom esk look.

Typically, the buyer’s decision is made on the design of the furniture rather than the material itself. It is, however, always important to consider that the quality of the fibre used as well as the quality of the weaving has a defining factor on the overall look of the piece regardless of its design. The higher the quality of the rattan, the more beautiful the suite.


When picking your piece, the level of comfort is equally as important as its aesthetics because a beautiful but uncomfortable rattan addition is the last thing you’ll want. Both natural and synthetic rattan suites are today typically used with cushions, upholstery and pillows, ultimately making there be little or no difference between both types when it comes to comfort.

The Upkeep

As mentioned previously on our blog, when it comes to the maintenance of rattan furniture, both natural and synthetic rattan are simple to care for because both require only routine cleaning to keep them looking new. However, synthetic rattan is designed to be slightly more convenient to care. It is built to be stain-proof and it also won’t need to be varnished or stored instead to protect it from the weather.For more information , Please have a Click on :


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