Increase Your Sales by Adding Catering to the Menu

When you feel you have expanded in every avenue in regard to your restaurant, you may start to consider branching out, either by becoming a franchise or starting a catering option for patrons. Every restaurateur’s primary goal is to boost traffic by gaining a large following of regular patrons and drawing in new patrons whenever possible. It may surprise you to learn, then, that the vast majority of restaurant owners are failing to utilise catering as a way to expand their businesses. You already have a beautiful kitchen, dedicated patrons, and a delicious menu, so why should you not consider catering as an option?

Optimise Exposure

For a restaurant, the best kind of marketing is to bring the food to the potential customer and get him or her interested in trying more. By catering off-site events, you should be able to optimise the exposure of your restaurant beyond the restaurant’s walls. Traditional forms of advertising cannot adequately tell a potential customer how great your food is, but a guest who enjoyed your food at a wedding reception has a high chance of coming to your restaurant afterwards for more.

Whenever possible, consider catering events such as birthday parties, weddings, festivals, and events and utilise the opportunity to expose your food and menu to hundreds of people who have not been to your restaurant yet. Everyone at the event will leave knowing the name of your restaurant and what type of food you offer there. This is a level of exposure that is hard to come by in any other situation and it is a fantastic way to draw in new patrons who may become regulars in the future.

Save with Wholesale

Catering wholesale suppliers make it easier and more cost-effective to keep your catering business stocked and ready. By choosing wholesale, you end up paying significantly less per item, allowing you to increase your profit margins over time. In the past, wholesale was not exceptionally varied in what you could buy, but now you can get anything you need without sacrificing quality or being forced to choose something less elegant just to reduce prices.

Increase Sales

Catering gives your patrons the chance to use your services when they need more than typical dining options. It is an easy way to drive revenue quickly and with efficiency, and people will always be willing to pay someone to cater rather than doing it all on their own. When an event planner needs an option to use for his or her client’s event, you want to make sure your restaurant is available. While beginning a catering extension may seem to be a large investment at first, that investment will quickly be returned to you with interest. In fact, it is one of the few investments you can make in the food industry that is guaranteed to help you increase sales.


You have a choice when it comes to your menu, meaning that you can create a menu separate from your regular menu or tailor catering to your patron’s individual needs. Be sure to provide catering pricing and package options on your website and in your store, and the patrons should come running to you for your business.

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