Ways to Make Your Shower Experience Even More Exciting

Taking a hot shower is something you look forward to at the end of the day. You already faced a lot throughout the day, and the only thing you want to do is to feel that warm water flowing down your skin. It is already exciting for you to enter the shower room and turn the heat up. However, you can do other things to make your bathing experience even better.

Use a filtered showerhead

You want to have clean water when taking a shower. The best way to ensure that you get it is by using a filtered showerhead. It is somewhat more costly than a regular showerhead, but it can remove chemicals like chlorine and sulfur. You don’t want chlorine pouring all over your body when you shower.

Set a timer

You want to set a timer because you need to stick with the intended time for showering and avoid wasting water. You know the time it takes for you to get cleaned and finish everything that you need to do while taking a shower. You want to enjoy a hot shower, but you also want to conserve water.

Use music

Some people love playing music while showering. You decide which type of music suits you. It can be slow and romantic if your goal is to put yourself to sleep comfortably. It can be upbeat if you are showering in the morning and you want to build your energy up.

Use dim lighting

If you can, buy lights that you can easily adjust if you want to dim the shower room, it is a good idea. It helps to set your mood before you go to bed. You can also buy scented candles if you want to use them for lighting while you turn the other lights off. Not only will you have a pleasant ambience, but you will also smell something great while showering.

Leave your conditioner for a long time

When you want to take your time while showering and maximise the use of your conditioner, you can leave it on your hair for several minutes. Turn the shower off while you shave or do other stuff. When you rinse the conditioner off your hair, it will feel extra smooth and silky.

Drink your coffee

It is not a bad idea to combine morning coffee with steam showers. You are already in a hot environment. You might want to take it up a notch by drinking a cup of hot coffee. Of course, it is only applicable when you shower in the morning. At night, it is not a good idea at all as your goal is to go to sleep quickly.

Bathing is a special part of your day. It is the only time when you can be alone and think of all the problems you face. You reflect on your day and think of ways to solve your problems when you are inside the shower room. Doing these things will make you feel even more excited about showering.

Image: Unsplash.com

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